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Firehorse Max

Grandpa Lev needs a new horse for his cart. Firehorse Max has lost his job with the fire department. The two team up, and all is well — until one day Max hears fire bells clanging in the distance. “Oy!” cries Grandpa Lev. “Stop that horse!”

Review excerpts on Firehorse Max:
“A heartwarming tale about problem solving and life in the old days, with energetic illustrations brimming with old-fashioned charm and detail.”  — Kathleen Spires, Booklist

“[The story is] well-paced…with gentle touches of humor and an original resolution.”   — Kirkus Reviews

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“The lively and dramatic period illustrations and the humor of Max’s dilemma create an appealing story based on family tales of the author’s great-grandfather.”    — The Horn Book
“In this historically resonant picture-book debut, London and Arnold create a cozy town of cobblestone walks and wooden storefronts, in which the invention of the horseless carriage leaves Firehorse Max unemployed….The wealth of visual and textual details are sure to spark children’s curiosity about the past.    — Publishers Weekly
“The plot…has dash, romance, and a nice, tight focus….Youngsters will root for the Grandpa/Max partnership and find the resolution of their problem most satisfying.”    — The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books
“London’s amusing text and Arnold’s whimsical drawings re-create a vanished world and teach youngsters about life at the turn of the century.”
— Hadassah Magazine
“More than three decades after hearing the story of her great-grandfather Aaron Hillel London’s travails as a local peddler, London has written a charming and lovingly told tale based on her grandfather’s words. Her first children’s book, Firehorse Max has wonderful period illustrations by Ann Arnold, known for her collaboration with chef Alice Waters on the children’s cookbook, Fanny at Chez Panisse

Firehorse Max, laced with intriguing references to Burlington [VT], is a family history embellished by twists and turns from London’s imagination. The book resonates beyond the Londons — an extended Jewish family whose ties to Burlington date to the 1880s — and speaks to the immigrant experience. It will appeal to children who like animals and quirky adventure, and to people of all ages interested in turn-of-the-century Vermont.”

— Sally Pollak, The Burlington Free Press

The Good Luck Glasses

When seven-year-old Nomi Miller sees little people instead of letters dancing on the board at school, it’s time to see the eye doctor. Nomi needs glasses. Discover how Nomi’s glasses bring her good luck.

  • published in Scholastic’s “Hello Reader” series (early chapter book)
  • editions in English, Pashto, Dari and Spanish
  • over 125,000 sold

Customer Reviews from

“My daughter reads this all the time to my two-year-old granddaughter who just starting wearing glasses. This is the book she requests most. She loves it. I highly recommend for any age child who especially is getting their first pair of glasses.” 

“This book represents an excellent experience with a vision exam, culminating with a thorough visit to the dispensary. The heroine, Nomi is a 7 year-old child who is experiencing blurry vision and can’t read the blackboard at school. When she squints to see, her siblings make fun of her. The worst embarrassment is when she steps on the family cat who studiously avoids her afterward. Her father wears glasses so he knows that a visit to the optometrist is in order. The optometrist hands out his diagnosis: Glasses! Nomi remembers the eighth “good-luck” candle placed on her cake and decides that her glasses must be “good luck” to counteract the “bad luck” blurry vision. Nomi tries on a variety of glasses before settling on a pair. This is a wonderful book for parents to positively present glasses to their children before and after an eye appointment.”